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Most of you can recall a quote or a passing comment from a parent, teacher or friend that inspired or left an impression on you.

For me it was a simple, almost mundane observation my Dad made when I was 16 and worried about a now forgotten teenage drama.

He said, “You can’t worry and wash dishes at the same time.” It was so simple and corny, but it worked. I am not even sure he knew the impact it made on me. He probably just wanted me to wash the dishes.

But the principle that we cannot do or think two things at the same time stayed with me to this day. Whenever I feel stressed or worried I do the dishes, exercise or cook. That simple, yet profound idea, has helped me and many others.  And my wife loves it when I worry from time to time.

Since then I have been a lover of great thoughts and quotations. I collect and share them.  The miracle of the Internet gives access to anyone with a computer or mobile device.  Any where and any time you can peruse my collection. I continually update this site, so please check back often.

I’ve collected them from many sources over the last 40 years. If  I’ve made a mistake in attribution or content, please let me know and share your source. I am always on the look out for new quotes and thoughts too.

Please enjoy them and hopefully be inspired too!



“The Five secrets you must discover before you die


One of the best books I’ve read in a long time.  It inspires and motivates. The author conducted hundreds of interviews with people from all walks of life to discover what made their lives worthwhile.


He distilled these life lessons into 5 powerful concepts. One must read the book to fully appreciate the profound nature of these simple truths.


1. Be True to yourself.

2. Leave no regrets.

3. Become Love

4. Live the moment

5. Give more than you take


Seems obvious enough, but if you are like me, they are easy to forget or overlook. We become so caught up in daily life that we sometimes just lose sight of what is important-what is timeless.

The Five Secrets You Must Discover Before You Die is a tremendously valuable reminder. I hope you take a few moments to click the link below and see for yourself what a terrific book this is.

  Inspirational Story


I grew up in LA, which means I love Mexican food.  My wife and I are always on the look out for a good Mexican hole in the wall.

One of our favorites is in San Pedro. We’ve been going there for years. But this is not about the food-which is great-but the waitress and her story.

I love people and have a knack for encouraging them to share their stories. It does embarrass my family sometimes. Not last night though.  I encouraged our waitress to share her American story with us. What an amazing tale.

Like many others, she came to America from a small poor village in Central Mexico. No plumbing or electricity. Her family came for a better life.  Unfortunately she had to quit school in the 8th grade to help support her parents.

She married, had 3 children and worked as a waitress-the same one we go to. Her husband left her and she became a struggling single mom. She worked hard and encouraged her children to get the education she could not. 

One of the boys had a dream to become a doctor. He grew up in a rough part of San Pedro. Those of you from that area know what I am talking about. Where gangs, murders and robberies are common.

He persisted in his dreams and won a scholarship to Harvard. He went on to Harvard Medical school and is now a practicing Doctor in San Francisco.

The waitress, beaming with pride, shared with us a newspaper interview of this young man. He spoke of gratitude for his mother. He spoke about the importance of having a dream and working hard toward that dream. His whole attitude was one of sincere and humble love for his family and the opportunities available in America if you work hard.

My wife and I were almost in tears as we read the well worn newspaper clipping. Mom was so proud. As she should be. We were happy for her.

And the other 2 kids are doing great too. One made a career in the Navy and the other is a teacher. Just wonderful.

Have a dream, work hard, be grateful. Kind of simple, but profoundly true.

You can still make it in America.



Read this recently to remind myself that we still live in a great country. A wonderful insight into what makes America still a land where dreams can come true. Click the image if you’d like to buy it from Amazon. Price is the same


Review : “ Dr. Ben Carson’s America the Beautiful: Rediscovering What Made this Country Great is perhaps one of the most significant books published in many years. ”


Some of you have asked about the photo at the top of the page.  That happens to be the view from our backyard. I know huh nice place. Our son’s good friend took it a couple of days ago during sunset. We liked it so much that we posted it.

This is an amazing  place to live.  We moved here to Palos Verdes, Ca. so that our son could grow up in a better environment than the one I came up in. Yes, I am one of those guys who made it out of the the tough gang streets of LA.

If I think my story could inspire others, I might share it one day. But this is not about me, or where I live…but about sharing great thoughts and quotations with you. I will also share services and products, but only if I like  them. If you buy one, I might make a few bucks. It helps support this site.

The photo on the “About” page is my son and me-guess where. It is one of the few decent photos my wife ever took. She’s great, but photography is not her thing.

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